2021 Open Digitalization Series

Open Digitalization for Everyone

An Introduction to Web3 Solutions using Neblio Blockchain and VE Framework

Lecture by

Tomas Svoboda


Online via Zoom or Join us At The Speakeasy at Galvanize, San Francisco, CA


Thursday, December 9, 2021

Open Digitalization Series

Open Digitalization for Everyone

Lecture by Tomas Svoboda

In this lecture you will find out why companies and institutions require digitalization as soon as possible and how to use blockchain technology to make it easier. 

Some topics discussed in the lecture 

          What Industry 4.0 is about in practice.  

          Why blockchain and what it is. 

 What technologies I need to combine with blockchain to solve the real use-cases. 

          How to use a blockchain to store inspection records in production. 

          Data backup using decentralized databases 

          How the application can communicate with the blockchain  

          New technologies for the development of SW assembly lines and their connection with the blockchain  

          How to eliminate a central application server using blockchain 

Event Location

The Speakeasy at Galvanize Coworking Space

44 Tehama St, San Francisco, CA 94105


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